Product Features

  • Lightweight Wash Bottle

  • Material: LDPE (low-density polyethylene)

  • Narrow mouth; short neck; clear graduations; excellent elasticity

  • Durable and LeakProof

  • Available in 2-pack 250ml, 1x250ml + 1x500ml, and 2-pack 500ml


Product Options

  • 250ml: XL-815303
  • 500ml: XL-815305
  • 250ml+500ml: XL-815304


Wash Bottle, 2-Pack Plastic Squeeze Wash Bottle, LDPE with Narrow Mouth

SKU: XL-815593
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Customer questions & answers


Amazon Customer

Great quality and does not have the logo on the side as shown in the description. I used them to make industrial pour over coffee stands.

Ryan Davis

Product came broken. Very poorly made and packaged poorly.

David M . Smith

I love it and I also love the pipettes I bought also thank you so much for helping me further my education on the subject of chemistry, I want to be a chemistry teacher some day and also thank you for sending me a booklet of all the other equipment I will gladly only buy my labware from you, you guys are great and best labware I've ever gotten there's not even a blemish or scratch on the glass, so thank you for your work you guys are truly artist


The first time I ordered I bought a 250ml evap flask. I was so pleased with it that 2 days later I bought both a 100ml and 50ml flask. The flasks were well packed and made of thick glass with no imperfections that I noticed. Also, the 24/40 joints fit perfectly with the other glassware I own. I don't make many reviews, usually only on products that are I think are good for the money. In my opinion this product is good, highly recommended!


Nicely made plain distillation 3-way. Not really much to say.<br><br>Do pay attention to the quality of the cap washer though. I have seen one of these that seemed a little loose. I solve the problem by picking another one, or a little plumber's teflon tape.