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  • 250mg: YP-910238-0.25g
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  • 1g: YP-910238-1g
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  • 5g: YP-910238-5g
  • 10g: YP-910238-10g
  • 25g: YP-910238-25g

Tetrakis(triphenylphosphine)palladium | 14221-01-3 | MFCD00010012

SKU: YP-910238
  • Specifications

    Chemical Name or Material Tetrakis(triphenylphosphine)palladium
    Purity ??9.2%
    CAS 14221-01-3
    MDL Number MFCD00010012
    Molecular Formula Pd[(C6H5)3P]4    
    Molecular Weight (g/mol) 1155.56
    Packaging Sealed with wax
    Storage 2 - 8 ??C, inert atmosphere
    Physical Attribute Yellow or brown solid??sensitive to air, light and moisture
    Melting Point 870 ??C (lit.)

Customer questions & answers


kathie Morris

A lil expensive and the one had a deformed stem tip.

Brian Scott Sheldon

Very durable glassware. I ordered another set of 120mm funnels. I will use Stonylab glassware from now on.


the item is what it was described and works well for my purpose

John R Van H ouden

Top notch for what am using them for

Jessica Linder

Very nice glass work very well packagd I haven't used it yet planning to use for precious metal recovery not sure about the white stone or if I got the wrong piece ?? looks great



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