1. GG17 high borosilicate glass, with good chemical and physical properties.

2. The evaporation and back-flow of reaction material can be controlled.

3. The heat of reaction could be taken away quickly through water, cycling in the jacketed glass.

4. The design of large bottle mouth, easier to clean.

5. It can be used as a distillation syntheses device.



Processing Time:


  • 10-15 business days.
  • All devices will be shipped via DHL express.



Product Options:


  • SL - P - JGR - 10L: YQ-701011
  • SL - P - JGR - 20L: YQ-701012
  • SL - P - JGR - 50L: YQ-701014
  • SL - P - JGR - 100L: YQ-701015

Premium Single Jacketed Glass Reactor with 7 Openings Glass Lid 10L/20L/50L/100L

  • Specifications

    Operating Temperature (??) -80 ~ 260
    Inner Pressure (MPa) -0.1 ~ 0
    Jacket Pressure Resistance (MPa) ????+0.03
    Power of Stirring Motor 180W
    Certification  CE, ISO


    Value SL - P - JGR - 10L/20L/50L/100L
    (Single-Jacketed/Dual-Jacketed Glass Reactor)
    Glass Materials High Borosilicate Glass 3.3
    (Glass Materials Certificate is Available)
    Reaction Glass Vessel Capacity 10 L/20 L/50 L/100 L
    Cooling/Heating Jacket Capacity 3 L/6 L/16 L/30 L
    Condenser Dual-Layer Cooling Layers
    Chilling Fluid Connection: GL26 hose barb
    Condensation Area: 0.234/0.341/0.429/0.51 m2
    Receiving Flask: (100 L)10L with continues discharging valve
    Optional: condensation area can be customized
    Optional: receiving flask capacity can be 5 L, 10 L, 20 L and 50 L
    Feeding Funnel Capacity: 1 L/2 L/2 L/2 L
    Glass Valve with PTFE Open/Close
    Optional: Capacity can be 2L, 5L, 10L and 20L
    Optional: Jacketed Feeding Funnel
    Glass Lid 7 openings:
    1) Solid Materials Feeding: 95#
    2) Stirrer: 50#
    3) Cleaning: DN25
    4) Temperature Probe: DN25
    5) Condenser: S50/20
    6) Vacuum Port: 34/34
    7) Feeding Funnel: 40/40
    Supporting Frame All stainless-steel parts are SUS304 type.
    (Refuse to use the 201-type stainless steel)
    Optional: can be coated with PTFE to improve corrosion resistance
    Swivel Casters Four, built-in with locks
    Working Temperature -80?? ~ +260??
    Internal & External ????80??
    Temperature Difference (Resistant to sudden temperature changes)
    Vacuum Inside of Reaction Glass Vessel -0.1 ~ 0.0 MPa
    Vacuum Inside of Jacket Layer ???? + 0.03 MPa
    Stirring Motor 180 W/180 W/250 W/370 W
    Motor Type Explosion Proof Motor (Level: ExDIIBT4)
    (Explosion Proof Certificate is Available)
    Optional: DC Brushless Motor
    Optional: 180 W, 250 W, 370 W, 550 W, 750 W motor
    Rotation Controller Digital controller with variable frequency drive
    Rotation speed: 50 to 600 rpm
    Temperature Sensor PT100 (Real-time display of material temperature)
    Stirring Sealing PTFE Stirring Seal Kits
    (Ceramic Bearing, Anti-Corrosion, Wear-Resistant)
    Agitator Type-304 stainless steel reinforced PTFE
    Inside cleaning of glass vessel PTFE spray ball (3.5bar, cleaning radius: 3-6 m)
    Insulated Connection Hose Oil Drain Manifold Kit
    (Simple and easy drainage of circulating fluid)
    (Limit strain on the glassware from the heavy insulated oil hoses)
    Discharging Valve Flush seal designed with large opening and flat flange clamp
    Power Supply 110, 220 V   50 Hz/60 Hz
    Unit Dimensions (W*D*H) 66*46*190 cm/66*51*200 cm/84*66*215 cm/100*80*240 cm
    Net Weight 61 KG/70 KG/85 KG/120 KG

Customer questions & answers


Amazon Customer

Great quality and does not have the logo on the side as shown in the description. I used them to make industrial pour over coffee stands.

Ryan Davis

Product came broken. Very poorly made and packaged poorly.

David M . Smith

I love it and I also love the pipettes I bought also thank you so much for helping me further my education on the subject of chemistry, I want to be a chemistry teacher some day and also thank you for sending me a booklet of all the other equipment I will gladly only buy my labware from you, you guys are great and best labware I've ever gotten there's not even a blemish or scratch on the glass, so thank you for your work you guys are truly artist


The first time I ordered I bought a 250ml evap flask. I was so pleased with it that 2 days later I bought both a 100ml and 50ml flask. The flasks were well packed and made of thick glass with no imperfections that I noticed. Also, the 24/40 joints fit perfectly with the other glassware I own. I don't make many reviews, usually only on products that are I think are good for the money. In my opinion this product is good, highly recommended!