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Palladium hydroxide | 12135-22-7 | MFCD00064599

SKU: YP-910229
  • Specifications

    Chemical Name or Material Palladium hydroxide
    Purity ??75.5%
    CAS 12135-22-7
    MDL Number MFCD00064599
    Molecular Formula Pd(OH)2    
    Molecular Weight (g/mol) 140.4
    Packaging Sealed with wax
    Storage Dry, inert atmosphere
    Physical Attribute Black powder
    Melting Point  

Customer questions & answers



Just received it. Haven't heated, or dropped, it yet. The interior diameter of the opening is 1 3/8 in, or 34.9 mm, which means a #8 stopper should work.<br><br>No visible bubbles or deformations.

Brandon Shelton

First things first, if you do decide to purchase this to use with a Buchner funnel you are absolutely going to need adapters or cones for your funnel. If you search "buchner funnel adapters" on here you should be able to find them.<br><br>Glass arrived with no visible defects. Have used several times with a glorified aquarium pump and Buchner funnel for distillation and making tinctures. Works without issue, but the mouth of the flask is quite large and Buchner funnels tend to run "thin." To remedy this just buy adapters.

Dawood Ajmi

BROKEN!! ITEM ARRIVED BROKEN, Shattered Glass Allover the Package!!!

Evan Clinthorne

Great value. Works as needed. Minor imperfections that do not impact use.

Jason huston

Cracked Bad rubber .I don't think this is rubber it is flaky dry garbage that will drop crumbs of rubber into your expierament



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